Best Portrait Combo?

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Jim Cassatt wrote:

You can get an X-E1 for not a lot of money these days. Great camera. Right now for outdoor portraits I use the X-E2 with 56 mm f1.2 and a second body, the X-E1, with the 35 mm f1.4 for those cases when I need full length portraits and don't have enough room to back up.

Example from the X-E2 with 56 f1.2

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This is a good example. In my experience the bokeh depends the most on lens optical qualities and focal length, relative distances between the camera, the subject and the background, and not nearly as much on the crop factor.

Don't have access to my 85mm shots as it seems I didn't upload them to Flickr but this was taken with Tamron 70-300 at 300mm. The 85/1.8 would be way better because of it's unique bokeh rendering and faster aperture. The FF vs crop wouldn't matter nearly as much.

The best portrait combo starts at 50mm and above for crop, 85 to 135mm is IMHO the best range, but it's the lens that matters the most. I seriously consider getting an old Canon body just so that I could use that 85 again (a big part of that lens appeal was the super fast focusing which was critical for taking photos of kids' fleeting facial expressions). I could probably get a EF to Sony adapter but then I'd lose that fast USM action.

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