HowTo? SPP settings to get equiv of RawDigger (raw image analyzer) to facilitate ETTR?

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HowTo? SPP settings to get equiv of RawDigger (raw image analyzer) to facilitate ETTR?

SPP 6.0.5 pre-newbie and "5 day trial of DP2-Q", so "consider the source ". Here's more on RawDigger .

I'm trying to figure out how much EC (exposure compensation) can be dialed into the DP2-Q at ISO 100 on tripod, with reasonable risk of blown highlights, to do ETTR .

My speculation is that the histogram is based of JPEG pipeline processing, so it would be rather conservative. Or not?

My observation is that Adobe's Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) does so much processing "behind my back" even with sliders zero'ed that I couldn't really have much confidence to interpret ACR blinkies and even MagicLantern RAW blinkies and histograms.

My less-than-informed speculation is that SPP also does more than a bit of "behind my back" processing. I'd like to turn as much as possible of that OFF. The doc I've got on SPP is 5.x, so I'm unclear how valid it is for 6.x ... not meaning to be an AskHole ...

tl;dr ?
Until I have to return the DP2-Q on Monday, I want to have as good as possible ETTR images to play with after-the-fact, and compare to my Canon 6d full frame, which has MagicLantern's Auto-ETTR implemented (which has spoiled me).

Does SPP do the equivalent of "Recovery" from one or two non-blown channels? What I'd really like to do is understand the DP2-Q's histogram well enough to guestimate an exposure that only blowns one "channel", but that may be unrealistic and "premature optimization". What I don't want is a lot of under-exposed images to compare to the 6d.

I'm trying to use the histogram checkbox ON for "Show Warning", perhaps with 0 / 255 changed to 1 / 254. So far, SPP is crashing quite a bit when I do that, which is slowing things down. I think the default is "Color Auto Adjustment Mode", which may hide a lot, rather than X3F.

IIRC, I've read posts that state that the exposure latitude of the DP2-Q is quite limited. I'd like to confirm that, if possible. An issue is that the Exposure Warning blinkies aren't part of Quick Review, so you have to use the slower Full Review. Or not?

Does this reflect a flawed understanding of SPP? ETTR on DP2-Q? I did get a suggestion to use the DP2-Q in "spot meter mode", which I'll look into. (thanks). I've almost never used 'Spot Mode" on my Canon's ... mea culpa.

I used RawDigger quite a bit when it was 0.9 freeware. I found it very, very valuable to really see what was going on with the RAW values. I've used RawDigger with 3 different Canon DSLR's, the S110 point-and-shoot, and the Nikon One J1.

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