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No. A "proper" ML camera will have totally different lens designs. They will be mounted closer to the sensor and have fewer elements. They will be smaller and lighter.

How will a 300 2.8 be smaller and lighter? Or a 70-200 2.8?, a 50 1.8? or a pancake like Canons 40 mm 2.8?

A ML design doesn't need a retro-focus lens to clear the mirror. This is most important w/ wide-angle lenses, but it also affects any zoom design that includes a WA focal length. A 300mm lens will probably not be different, but it can mount closer to the sensor. If the designers keep the sensor at the rear [which is a good place for it], the total package length will be shorter.

You are completely ignoring the issue of off-axis ray angles and digital sensors.

Assuming we are only talking about full frame sensors, they need to overcome the following issues extreme ray angles:

  • color shift caused by IR cut filter
  • pixel vignetting
  • effect of cover glass

(just see issues with A7 and rangefinder wide angles)

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