RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: RX100 III - overexposed images?

You have many very good images there. A few with crappy skies, but, I am finding, this time of year, different times of days, slightly different angles to the sky, crappy skies with my m1, m3, and Oly Stylus 1.

These cameras have exposure compensation, as did film cameras, the best of them, they have Exposure Bracketing, Auto Exposure Lock, in-camera DRO, and in-camera HDR.

All these features exist because this is a problem for ANY camera, ANY photographer.

Built in or Exterior ND Filters, Exterior CPL filters add to the mix of solutions.

You have live view EVF and LCD, so, FIX IT before you shoot.

RAW gives much more recovered uncompressed data, the main reason for many is to have it in case of a few shots with great potential with problems. If I cared, I would shoot RAW + Jpeg, most of yours, the Jpegs would be fine I suspect, and a few problematic ones could be adjusted better in RAW than Jpeg.

As for default over or under exposure, it is somewhat a matter of personal taste. I prefer darker, richer colors and stronger shadows. Others prefer brighter. Some have monitors that may not be calibrated, that lead to adjustments that look great on them, but too bright or dark to us. When you see some PP images, that you may think are overdone, is it the camera? who knows what the OP is seeing or prefers?

Who gives a flying leap if you use -.7 as a default for the rest of your life with the m3? Fact is, any rx can give outstanding results. Master the miniature marvel, because it is the one that fits your pocket with all of it's outstanding capabilities.

Will Sony fix it? Hell No.

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