Best Portrait Combo?

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Ido S wrote:

69chevy wrote:

If you are shooting at f1.2 for ISO purposes, a crop sensor would gain you some DOF but then cost you 2 stops since there is no crop sensor that even comes close in regards to noise.

2 stops? You've got to be kidding.

Sony a7S and Sony a6000. Perhaps the two best sensors at high ISO at their respective size formats.

I looked at the measurements for each over at Not the scores - I went straight to the Measurements tab, and then clicked on SNR 18%. Here's what I've found:

At ISO 12800, the a6000's SNR is 22.7 dB. The Sony a7S, at ISO 25600 (1 stop difference), is rated at 22.3 dB. Conclusion: The king of low-light of all 35mm full frame sensors, is just 1 stop better at high ISOs than the best APS-C sensor for low-light. Yup.

I wonder how often you shoot at ISO 12800? At "moderate" ISO like 1600, etc., the A7S is about 1.5 stop better, which is even better than the theoretical 1.17 (= log_2(1.5^2)).

Also, the crop sensor at f/1.2 will lose much more light due to microlens vignetting. Maybe not so much to raise the difference to two stops but it may get pretty close.

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