RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: RX100 III - overexposed images?

I have no time this weekend, but maybe next weekend I'll run some tests with the m1 and m3 shooting at the same time from almost the same vantage point (see rig below). I'd use my thumbs to trigger both shutters at the same time.

I suppose I'd set both cameras on Intelligent Auto, f2.8 at 35mm (above that, the m1 can't open up to f2.8). I think Auto would be a good baseline because it seems that the people having problems are mostly point-and-shooters who don't assert much manual control over the camera. I do not mean to impugn those of you who do otherwise.

Would also shoot some m1 AVCHD vs m3 XAVC-S video comparisons. It would be interesting to set the shutter speed to something low for stills too, to confirm/deny that the m3 has better stabilisation. Some subject against bright sky shots and some efforts to track my 18mth-old son running around would also be interesting.

Sorry. Handheld iPhone pic in dim light.

I bought this little grip so that I could film with the A7s and Rx100m3 at the same time. RX100m3 on 24mm and the A7s using the FE55. I'd concentrate on the A7s' monitor and leave the RX100m3 to take care of the wide view in case I needed it. I don't have a specific application for this setup, but thought it would be interesting to try out!

Any thoughts on what would be good to test? If I actually get around to this, I'll start a new thread. I fear I am about to make a rod for my own back

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