10-24mm on the X-T1

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Re: And a few more...

If you are going to go wide..might as well go big, and that is a 'big' wide Gerald. Nice to see. Love the man in red and his tiny form in the scheme of things and great light to boot.

The big yellow taxi zooming off into the distance with a zigzag road line that adds to the helter skelter and single cloud to the right is spot-on to show off what your lens brings to the table.

Using a wide is best described in the Michael Douglas character in the film Wall Street. Wide like 'greed' for the lack of a better word is good. You want it "ALL" in the frame.

I used a 14mm (on full frame) for 18 months so I know your joy.

To answer you from a previous post..Yes I am from Melbourne.

Love you work.


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