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Russian Consortium wrote:

teseg wrote:

Interesting observation that a FF camera does not add that extra something special for portraits. I suppose purely from bokeh/separation perspective there could be a FF advantage... but then with a f/1.2 to f/1.8 lens on a cropped camera it would not be much of an issue.

Full frame adds what you think it will add. If you want it to be better, it will be better. We often see what we want to see to justify what we want to justify.

There isn't a whole lot of advantage to the 35mm format over an APS-C camera unless you are pushing the edges of the particular performance envelope where 35mm format has an advantage.

Bokeh is about the quality of the lens more than the format, and the depth of filed advantage is pretty much a non starter. At portrait distances, APS-C will give a few extra inches of depth of field. Unless you have a fetish for only having one eye in focus, you are going to be stopped down anyway. You'll just stop down a little less with APS-C.

Let me chime in here with the debate about FF vs. APS-C specific to portraiture photography based on my experience...

I don't know the correct answer.

HOWEVER, what I do know is an amazing lens and amazing sensor combo WILL produce better results than if either are average.  If one has an amazing sensor, one with more pixels WILL provide more flexibility in post processing.

I have an amazing FF camera - Sony RX1.  I had a good APS-C camera - Sony 5N + Zeiss 24mm.  The RX1 clearly delivers better IQ and file malleability time and again vs. the 5N.  No question.  I don't think this fact settles the FF vs. APS-C debate at all.

The reason I started this thread is I wanted some equipment guidance AND I wanted samples to back it up.  I actually included a statement in my initial post that I then removed because I was concerned how it may by perceived... but based on where this discussion has devolved to I'll recount it here:

When I used to golf I made it rule never to take golf tips from anyone that shot over a 90.  Likewise, I would appreciate and encourage anyone providing Portraiture tips to provide some samples of the quality they can extract from their recommendation... or examples or good/bad things to consider of different recommendations.

I also know under the right lighting conditions even an iPhone can take an amazing picture... so am particularly interested in seeing results under differing lighting conditions, knowing I will not be using any lighting system.

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