RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: This same issue exists with many other Sony cameras

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Do you find out that images you take are overexposed, skies are blown out ...

Is it possible that sony produced high end (and quite expensive) camera which matering works incorrectly?

If the answer is yes, do you think there is any chance that we will see firmware update which will fix this problem?

I'm not an expert but I think that changing default settings to correct this problem is wrong approach.Pictures should be fine with default settings!

For example, check out my album:


For all pictures camera was set to iAuto mode.

that use a 1 inch sensor. I have to use exposure compensation when using both my Sony RX10 and AX100. If I do not, the exposure is usually overexposed.

I always set exposure compensation to at least a minimum of -.3 In direct sunlight, you will often need to use -.7

Skies being blown out is a common photography problem that has always existed. You can eliminate that problem when shooting in bright conditions by simply using a polarizing filter on your camera.

Photographers have been using polarizing filters for 75 years, ever since their invention by Edwin Land. It is a most useful tool that ever good photographer should own.


Good point BUT in my case with the RX100m1 I never had issues like the overexpose and autofocusing issue, definitely there's something wrong with these RX100m3.

Send it back for a check up or ask for a refund and look for a RX100m1, another option read the helpfull comments to make adjustments and see if it is working better for you that way.

expecting that a camera in auto mode makes the best choices possible has never worked with any point & shoot, i can shoot any of my points & shoots ( and i do own some ) the automodes never gave the results i'm looking for.

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