Is there a way to hunt down lost/stolen lenses?

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dave gaines
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Re: Is there a way to hunt down lost/stolen lenses?

Is there a way to hunt down lost/stolen goods? I think it's the thief you want to hunt down. It's always open season on thieves, BTW.

Be very careful with Craig's List. If the person stole your camera lens they're the type of person who wouldn't think twice about committing other crimes, like robbery. If you find a match you'll have to meet them somewhere.

Here in Los Angeles Craig's List is divided into 5 or 6 regions. You can search all the regions but you may have to drive a long ways to meet someone who lives across town. Here in my part of So Cal the thieves often break into homes and then flee on the freeways to other regions. They're usually not from our neighborhood or town.

I think eBay is a more likely place to buy & sell a valuable lens. I never found any camera gear worth more than $100 on Craig's list and got no replies for my Olympus lenses that were from serious buyers.

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