Gh4 vs A7s: don't like this one bit

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Re: Limited resources: a polite rebuttal

zxaar wrote:

Richard Butler wrote:

captura wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

Richard Butler wrote:

reviews are prioritised based on reader interest, our interest (in new technology, new types of camera, etc), when a camera becomes available and how long a camera would take to review.


It just seems as though there are fewer reviews of any kind, as back in the "good old" days, Richard.

Most times we look at the numbers, the number of reviews has gone up, rather than down. We also try to spend more time on the relevant features of each camera. (This year may end up being an exception, as we've ended up a little short-staffed).

By the time this review / these reviews are finished, they'll have the most in-depth video testing and assessment we've ever done, for instance.

And, (off topic) please expedite the split-up of the Sony E-mount forum, ASAP as promised. It is quite unbearable in it's present state. Thank you.

That's not something I was aware of, but I'll try to raise it, in the office.

Richard, while you are at it, why don't we split the m43 forum in m43-oly and m43-pana forums.

If for spliting a forum only advise from random poster is enough then consider my advise too.

They're probably not splitting the m43 forums up because guys like me, who use both Oly and Panny m43 gear, like it that way. There's some hint of brand bickering sometimes, but it doesn't outweigh the huge benefits of having all discussions about the same mount within the same (sub) forum.

If someone is having banding issues with the Lumix 20mm on their Olympus EM5, it's good there's just one obvious forum where they can bring it up, no need to wonder which is more appropriate.

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