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Re: D200 Wedding Photography

Allen1025 wrote:
I'll be shooting D200 Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens with Vivatar 285 flash. I'm not comfortable shooting over 800 ISO
Could you recommend some settings for the inside ceremony photos.

I love my flash meter, takes so much guess work out of this stuff when using a manual flash.

I'd be using the lens close to wide open, use manual mode on the camera and see if you can stay at iso400. Meter for ambient, go down 1 or maybe 2 shutter speeds, trying to keep them above the blur point, and use the flash to bring the exposure back up. If the shutter speeds get too low to capture some ambient, up the iso a bit. Given how you describe the side lighting, get a cheap optical trigger, have someone hold the flash to the side and use the on camera flash (set at lowest setting) to trigger it might be a good solution. You don't have to be at the church to practice this and get -close-.

Thank you Stacy for your help. I have got a lot of ideas and input for this wedding. And I'm going to consider everything that all of the posts have recommended. I may even bring my large mono heads and put a soft box on them. I have radio triggers for them. I haven't decided yet.
But getting back to your idea of metering and dropping the shutter down and using fill light seems to be a good idea and I will try some test shots with this to see how it looks.


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