Try as I may... I failed anyway...

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Try as I may... I failed anyway...

... to keep the hot shoe cover on my E-M1!

After I found it loose in my camera bag a few months back, I've gotten in the habit of pushing it back in all the way everytime I use the camera. Always checking every so often to make sure it isn't slipping off again. It usually has move a little when I check.

Well today when I was shooting I didn't check for some reason and at some point more than an hour into the shoot I noticed it was gone! Great! But maybe it's in my camera bag again? I keep the E-M1 with the 12-40mm attached in the center compartment. That's where I found it that other time. No it's not there!

It must have fallen in the grass or flower beds I was walking past. So being I was shooting in a limited amount of space today, I tried retracing my footsteps while staring down for a little black piece of plastic. Let's see, I went this way then made a left then another left then a right over here, blah, blah, blah. Nope! I don't see it... but let me look again. The damn thing is so small it's easy to miss. No. I can't find it! Maybe I didn't check my bag well enough? It might be hiding under the silica gel packets in the bottom. Nope! Don't see it!

Could it be in my car? I took the camera out of the bag in my car! That's where it is!  Alright, back to the car (I was done shooting anyway) looking for the black plastic cover on my black seats and black carpet. Arrhhhh! Can't find it!!

Well I had the thing for 8 months. I guess that's good... or is it? Did I look in my camera bag yet? Yeah I did. But maybe I didn't look everywhere (I don't know why it would be anywhere besides that center compartment where I keep the camera but who know?!) Yeah. It's still not under those silica gel packets but I should check the other parts. Alright take the stuff out of the left compartment. See! I knew it wasn't going to be there! That thing is in the grass somewhere getting chewed on by a squirrel about now! I might as well check the right side even though it's not going to be there either. Body cap out, flash out, mini flashlight out, 50mm f/1.7 out. What!!?! I don't believe it!! There it is on the bottom!! How did it get over there?!!!!

True story but seriously I don't know how to stop this thing from relocating. If you want to keep the weather/dust sealing intact at even your hot shoe, then visually check to see if it's still attached often and make sure it is on all the way. I think it has watched "Escape From Alcatraz" too many times!

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Pete K.

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