Rokinon D980AFZ-OP Flash

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I disassembled the Rokinon Flash. I do not recommend this action, as the sloppy wiring will make it near impossible to reassemble it back together.

First pop off the plastic disks on each side of the flash hinge. Remove the four screws from each side to allow you to split the flash case.

Once you split the flash head you can see the zoom motor drive and the flash tube. The vertical printed circuit board contains the circuitry that triggers the flash. The two large transistors (thyristers) fire the flash and turn it off when the camera sees enough light.

Next rotate the head 90 degrees from the base to reveal four screws holding the head to the base. There are four screws by the hot shoe foot that must be removed so the base housing can be split.

The rear switches and LCD display are on one printed circuit board, the other board generates the high voltage required to fire the flash tube.

Inside the flash hinge is the high voltage storage capacitor. This part can hold a charge for a long time and can give you a nasty shock. Best to not get too close to it's contacts.

Here you can see the zoom motor and it's pinion drive for zooming the flash head. It's a little hard to see, but there is a wiper contact on the slider that has discrete points for where the flash head stops at it's zoom steps.

As you can see, trying to tuck the wires back in, and all the little springs and contacts make it extremely difficult to reassemble.

So, next time you want to know what is inside the box, now you know.

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