Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Russian Consortium wrote:

Full frame adds what you think it will add. If you want it to be better, it will be better. We often see what we want to see to justify what we want to justify.

There isn't a whole lot of advantage to the 35mm format over an APS-C camera unless you are pushing the edges of the particular performance envelope where 35mm format has an advantage.

Bokeh is about the quality of the lens more than the format, and the depth of fild advantage is pretty much a non starter. At portrait distances, APS-C will give a few extra inches of depth of field. Unless you have a fetish for only having one eye in focus, you are going to be stopped down anyway. You'll just stop down a little less with APS-C.

This is basically wrong or misleading, every single sentence of it.

Yeah. I've only worked as a portrait photographer for the past 45 years. I don't really have any experience regarding the subject at hand.

But is you would care to pick apart my post line by line and point out exactly where it is wrong or misleading, and provide proof, feel free. Note I am aware that there is a typo, please read "filed" as "field".

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