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Re: HCB contacts. The myth of the decisive moment.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

jafleming3 and letx wrote:

Even a master like HCB produced his share of cliches initially!

which ones?

Look at his contact sheets, early work... He didn't start out producing gems - no one does!

HCB is famous for NOT keeping his contact sheets.

In the marvelous Magnum Book "Contacts Sheets", there are only collages of his work.

HCB selected and edited drastically.

I have always felt that he did this not only to avoid too much archives, but also to support his own myth as the man of "the decisive moment". Extensive contact sheets would prove that the decisive moments may be the ones that are carefully selected from larger series or sequences.

But that does not make him a lesser photographer: in fact, it is part of our art and craft to recognize the great shots from the vast amounts of OK or mediocre ones.

Great, really highly original shots are not often the product of divine inspiration. Very often they are the end result of a long journey that started with cliché. I am sure HCB shot his fair share of cliché images, only they have not been preserved and are thus harder to pinpoint.

It should be obvious that when I asked which ones. It was a typical internet thing to say and I see it has a supporter as well. The internet is crazy. You two are on notice for fictionalizing fact.

Roel, you are of course right and known to anyone that could be bothered.

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