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Re: Help on choosing new lenses

Rjansenbr2 wrote:

the main disadvantage of the m43 compared to full frame: too much DOF.

If you really like shallow DOF, you already have the choice between the M.Zuiko 75mm, the Lumix 42.5mm F/1.2, and the extraordinary Voigtländers. For small subjects, even the M.Zuiko 60mm will give you razor-thin DOF when you use it at its closest range.

I haven't checked much the voitglander and this Leica 1.2.

Are they auto focus? Wouldn't the 75mm provide more subject separation, despite the smaller aperture?

The Panasonic 42,5mm has autofocus.

In the case of the Voigtländer lenses, their are manual focus lenses. The absence of autofocus is a shortcoming or not according to the way that you shoot. On my iPhone, I have an app called LensTutorial. It tells me in advance the distance that I need to be from my subject in order to obtain the DOF that I want. For example, to isolate Penjings (small Chinese trees) from their background, I know in advance that at F/0.95, if I'm six feet away, the trees will be exactly in focus but nothing in front or behind them.

The m4/3 lenses able to give the shallowest DOF are also the sharpest lenses.

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