Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

dannybgoode wrote:

teseg wrote:

This might be an interesting camera to experiment with... at 75mm is jus a tad shorter than I'm looking for. The IQ would no doubt be spectacular once mastered and I love the size.

A great suggestion from left field.

But boy can you crop. An example from my DP2M of the level of detail retained:

Full shot

100% crop but can you guess where in the photo

You can pretty much see the detail of the people and bear in mind that beach is around a mile from where I was stood and that is with a 50mm equiv FL and is a tiny piece of the overall image.

Now imagine a portrait shot from a few feet on 75mm equiv cropped to get just the bit you want(and the money you'd save rather than buying an FF monster + lens)...

I imagine I would see all the pores and blackheads on the poor girls face and spend a ton of time in photoshop getting rid of them.

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