Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

dannybgoode wrote:

teseg wrote:

This might be an interesting camera to experiment with... at 75mm is jus a tad shorter than I'm looking for. The IQ would no doubt be spectacular once mastered and I love the size.

A great suggestion from left field.

But boy can you crop. An example from my DP2M of the level of detail retained:

You can pretty much see the detail of the people and bear in mind that beach is around a mile from where I was stood and that is with a 50mm equiv FL and is a tiny piece of the overall image.

Now imagine a portrait shot from a few feet on 75mm equiv cropped to get just the bit you want(and the money you'd save rather than buying an FF monster + lens)...

Very compelling argument for someone whose portrait efforts will be "on request".  Certainly vs. some of the alternatives I'm considering the price is right.  And I particularly enjoy learning how to use quirky cameras... although for portraiture not sure my subjects will enjoy learning along with me.  Are there any sites hosting exceptional pictures from this camera, particularly portraits?

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