Canon EOS or Sony Alpha?

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Canon EOS or Sony Alpha?

Hey guys,

inb4: I am no native english speaker, so excuse gramatical mistakes or so.

To my "dilemma":

since May 2013 I own my very first DSLR, which is a Canon EOS 650D.

As I am no very decisive person, I had a very hard time on chosing my model.

I was torn between either the Canon 650D or the Sony Alpha A58.

The pivotal reason I didn't chose the Sony was the fact that there was no optical viewfinder, which was a kinda no-go for me, as I perceive a digital one as rather "cheap" and inauthentic for a true DSLR.

Yet, there were plenty of reasons I contemplated on buying it: first of all, I am no professional in photography which means that, in my personal case, I use the camera more for vacational and sponatneous images, rather than highly prepared professional photos (even though this is still an important point for me!!!). The fact that the image stabiliser was implemented in the Sony version, and that I wouldn't necessarily be dependant on a tripod (given the case of a quick vacation shoot whatsoever) was very appealing.

This might see m a bit stupid for many, but I also very much appreciated the fact that you could do panoramic shoots without being forced to edit multiple photos afterwards on the PC.

On the other hand, I was a bit worried that, with the Sony, my choice of lenses might be a bit narrowed and due to the fact that there are simply so many fantastic Canon etc. lenses out there I decided to go for the Canon at last (and bc of the optical viewfinder).

( - this one I found to be very interesting).

A recent little discussion with a friend of mine reminded me that I should be worrying about how bad my dslr was I've also read repeatedly that the EOS 650D (Rebel T4i) was rather a disappointment and I too had the feeling that my camera was even worse than my cousin's Canon 550d ("worse" images with same lens and settings).

This is why I wondered if I should be selling my Canon and getting one of the Sony Alphas : I thought about buying either the A58 (it's currently pretty cheap on Amazon :b), the A65 or the A77 (is the A77ii worth it?).

What do you guys think? Should I keep my Canon? I know, this is a bit much to answer to. At this point thank you for your patience to read all this

I would be looking forward to constructive responses.


PS: I am not familiar with the forum rules, so sorry when my doubleposting was being illegal ^^

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