Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

The Zeiss is manual focus, but it is a spectacular lens. Of course, there are other 135s that are great, too, and have autofocus. I love the Canon 135mm f/2. It's a bit older in terms of its design and therefore not as sharp as the Zeiss 135mm, but it does outstanding work.

As for your second point, a D610 would probably be fine. The dynamic range is just about as good as that on a D810. You lose a bit of resolution, too, obviously. Resolution, for me, is all about print size. If you don't see yourself printing many 16x24" or A2-sized prints, you probably won't miss the D810. I do like to print large, though, so I'm increasingly finding my Canon sensors not ideal now that 36 megapixel high dynamic range sensors are available. If you do consider Canon, the 6D is fantastic, and as I mentioned the 135mm f/2 from Canon is great. I also quite like the 85mm f/1.2L from Canon. It's a bit short for a portrait lens, but I can sometimes get truly unique look from that lens that I can't get from any other lens. On a crop body you would be able to stand a further distance, of course. All that said, a D610 has similar or better specs than my 5D Mark III for a lot less money; if I were starting out now with no gear that would probably be the camera I would go for.  Good luck in your search! There are a lot of great options for a portrait setup.

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