Best Portrait Combo?

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69chevy wrote:

PalmettoFellow wrote:

The more wide open you shoot your portrait, the less chance you have of having the whole face being in focus. Crop cameras increase DoF already, so using f1.4 on a crop will give you better face focus than F1.4 on FF. Your background may look better with FF, but your subject may not look as good if you can't nail the focus at those wide apertures.

That's not a very good argument for using a crop sensor. Increasing DOF is as easy as stopping down. Decreasing it gets tricky when you are limited by the framing of a crop.

Go back and read the post I replied to.  I never made the argument that crop is better for portrait.

But since you've brought up the topic, I'll take that position

A crop sensor will allow you to have more DoF without stopping down...and in some cases, stopping down means raising ISO or lower shutter speed too much.  So from an exposure perspective, there is an advantage (though I admit, it's a minor one).  When it comes to DoF however, I agree that FF with DoF control is fine...but if you particularly want to shoot at F1.2, and the DoF is too shallow...maybe try it on a crop instead.

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