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Question. For a hobbyist who shoots ~5K pictures a year what does the D810 give me vs. the D610, because I think we're talking almost double the cost? If I recall, the sensors are extremely comparable in performance.

I chose the D810 because of the better autofocus and the higher resolution. The added resolution lets me crop more. Not because I'm sloppy about my framing, but because it gives me greater reach with my lenses.

Also, I'm of the opinion that photographic equipment has hit a plateau in terms of image quality. Sensor size now is more about depth of field for me. I really can't see a need to upgrade for many years to come. Considering the image quality of the D810, what more should I expect? The limiting factor now is the ability of lenses to perform up to the sensor.

Yes... this is exactly what I found with the RX1 from 1 1/2 years ago... there is nothing out there in the 35mm - 50mm range whatsoever that tempts me.  I suppose the D810 would then meet my need for all else for the rest of my life... until they boil that camera down to Sony A7 size but with identical performance, quality and lens selection ... and that would be some time.  The D810 is what I would pull out of the trap door in my floor for decades to come when I've exhausted all other options... my secret weapon.

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