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Re: Not really - but Thom Hogan has poor ad revenues... :)

photoreddi wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

AZ Steve wrote:

Right on, Suede. It's a relief to me to see someone responsible saying this about Thom: I had thought maybe I was just getting sour in my old age.

Responsible? More likely similar souring. Suede's comment

IMO Thom is slowly - but steadily - moving closer to a kind of Ken Rockwell status. That is; he can be entertaining, but it's been a long time now since I really took anything he says as being even remotely related to reality and verifiable facts.

is devoid of facts, is just a personal opinion that is REALLY unrelated to reality and seems to have been written solely for its entertainment value, kind of what we might expect from a soured troll. Maybe he's been reading Thom less than he used to and is now peering too often into his mirror.

He's right though.

Yes, Thom is often right, sometimes wrong, while the Suede is here primarily to brush his ego, sometimes by attempting to denigrate others.

As you know, I was not referring to Thom. He is quite uncontrollably wrong.

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