question about filters and IQ

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Re: question about filters and IQ

stevo23 wrote:

bosjohn21 wrote:

the consensus is clear. UV filters can have a limited benefit in terms of protection from sand dust and water but also will degrade the image.

Consensus implies that everyone agrees. Who has done this so far?

However its also the consensus that the degradation is minimal to the point of being un noticeable using expensive filters.

Be careful using sweeping words like "consensus".

Yup. No consensus.  I am right Others wrong. (As usual)   

Problem with salesman is deliberate misleading of the customer.   I have no problem with a sales guy trying to sell me this or that accessory, but when salesman resorts to BS, that's a different matter.

For example:   "Would you like to buy an HDMI cable to connect your new TV to the Blu-Ray.   HDMI connection provides the best quality image".     That's correct and honest.

But if I ask why do I need a $120 Monster rather than the $5 cable from Amazon or the $15 one from nearby Home Depot:   "Monster cable will provide the most accurate color, crisper sound and better contrast".  BS.

Or: Would you like cabin air filter in your car replaced?    It is recommended to replace it every 25,000 miles.    That's right.   Ok.

So why does it cost $150 to replace it?    Filter itself is $20.  "Well, it's real labor intensive, we need to disassemble most of dashboard to get to it"  (Yes, that's an actual response I got).   BS.   It involved taking out two clips and one screw.   A 5-minute DIY job, including vacuuming the filter housing.

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