A perfect tool for fun photography: Kipon tilt-shift adapter

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Miki Nemeth
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A perfect tool for fun photography: Kipon tilt-shift adapter

This is a quick first impressions review of the Kipon tilt-shift adapter for Nikon G lenses on Fujifilm cameras. I think it really does not matter, if this particular adapter is for Fujifilm, my observations would be equally valid for Sony E-mount APS (NEX) cameras, too. An inherent advantage of mirrorless APS-C cameras is that with a generic tilt-shift adapter all compatible full-frame lenses can be used as tiltable and shiftable lenses on them. With a Nikon-mount tilt-shift adapter all Nikon, m42 and Leica R lenses can be used with an inexpensive m42 - Nikon, Leica R - Nikon glass-less adapter-rings. I am just a progressing beginner, and I am just collecting experience.

Tilting makes creative photography a natural and organic process.

Experimenting with aperture control, tilting and adapter-rotating to get diagonal focus range/band.

With tilting and aperture control subject isolation can be made to a very high level.

The daughter of my friend was a perfect model for my first tilt-photography session. I've just bought exactly this AI 35mm/f2 lens from this friend. These photos are far from perfect, but enormous fun.

Actually, the reason I haven't bought any native Fujifilm lenses for my Fujifilm mirrorless camera is that, it is terribly easy to adapt excellent quality reasonably priced (mostly legacy) lenses, and with focus peaking and magnification manual focusing is unbelievably simple on these mirrorless cameras. Since I am fine with manual focusing, Nikon, Voigtlander, Samyang AI and AF-D lenses are the best options for me, because I can use them all either on the Kipon tilt-shift adapter or on the Metabones Speed Booster (which converted my APS camera to a near full-frame system). These two adapters are essential parts of my set. Unfortunately, native lenses cannot be used with these adapters, therefore I don't use native lenses; I don't need autofocus at all. Digital cameras come and go, but these lenses are staying with me for decades.

I have a question: what could be the job of that hole just above the brass screw, which holds the tilting position?

Next week we are going to visit a beautiful place for a one-week vacation and I'll have a lot of possibility to play with the Kipon.

Stay tuned, Miki

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