question about filters and IQ

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Re: question about filters and IQ

the consensus is clear. UV filters can have a limited benefit in terms of protection from sand dust and water but also will degrade the image. However its also the consensus that the degradation is minimal to the point of being un noticeable using expensive filters.

But the other thing happening in this thread is the general bashing of the salesman. They are salesmen for goodness sake thats what the do sell you things. I have been on both sides of the counter and I can tell you that the reasons for needing to sell you a filter is manifest. the markup on cameras are paper thin and selling you an accessory with a much more generous mark up will make the difference in whether the company will stay in business or not in this tough environment competing with internet super high volume sales. In many stores the sales person gets paid a minimum wage and gets a small commission on the sales.  He or she will try to sell you a filter for the obvious reasons it will help their earnings. I fail to see why thats intrinsically bad. If you don't want need or use filters and if your very happy with your salesperson to this point then maybe you can ask the price of some other more usable accessory which will benefit you and allow the sales person and camera store a reasonable profit, like a spare battery or electronic remote release or some such. It was never really about the filter being all that useful, The more  knowledgable salesperson will work at selling you something you can use but sadly because of the pay in all but a few shops which cater to the pro and high end users their education is lacking.

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