A7r - Unusual memory card event

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Re: A7r - Unusual memory card event

PatrickSmith wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

jpartlo wrote:

So your suggesting that every one of the 250 shots I took last weekend that display this quality was an operator error and that the other 5 cards I used in my test that did not display this fault were just a product of luck and that it just happened that when using the faulty card I got my technique wrong? I mounted my camera on a tripod, fixed a lens and then changed the 6 cards in a series and your suggesting that when it came to card 4 (the faulty one) I managed to get it wrong and I continued to do so with the next lens and the next. Seems an improbable chain of events. My other 5 cards seem to work just fine! I might be wrong but read/write errors are not entirely unheard of in the digital is digital world.

As I look at the samples, I think I'm seeing motion blur in one vs. the other. I can think of no reason this would be the card's fault.

There IS motion blur on those shots. Maybe the card moved in its housing during the shot…

That's it! The card is heavier and therefore harder to hand hold.

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