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Re: Help on choosing new lenses

Rjansenbr2 wrote:

biza43 wrote:

Since I am giving up my full frame equipment in favor of m43, I thought I should add a few lenses to my kit.

Why? You already have two lenses you don't use much, so just take your time and think it through. What do you intend to shoot? No doubt there are some wonderful lenses, but that is not the reason to buy them...

To try to match what have in my full frame kit, like the 85mm 1.8 and a faster mid-range zoom (I have a 24-85 3.5-4.5). The faster zoom is definitely what I need the most.

Then you have two options: O12-40 and P12-35.

Lastly, I have always craved for the 75mm 1.8. This lens should cover what I believe is the main disadvantage of the m43 compared to full frame: too much DOF.

I have this lens, wonderful for portraits and landscapes (see example below). Indeed it can give very narrow DOF. But are you comfortable with its focal length?

Not sure about the focal length. I can really see myself buying and not using it. This lens should serve to match the 85mm 1.8 in FF. The 45mm 1.8 I have is not quite there, I think.

It will not match, because the FOV of the 75 MFT lens is much tighter than the FOV of the 85mm FF lens. I use the lens portraits and some landscapes, it is truly superb. But that is because I can use the focal length. To match your 85mm FF lens you already have the 45mm MFT lens. If you want to have a bit more of isolation for portraits, then you can get the 42.5 f1.2 Noctitron.

Maybe I haven´t used the 45mm 1.8 because I choose my FF gear when I want to take portraits. But once I sell it, I´ll use it a lot more... Should I get the 75mm 1.8?

The 75mm MFT lens will "see" as a 150mm FF lens. Focal length is still the #1 criteria when choosing lenses, so start there.

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