question about filters and IQ

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Re: question about filters and IQ

The only filter I use on modern lenses is a polarizing filter.  really old lenses benefited from UV blockers but virtually all lenses made since about 1970 block UV.

I like ht idea of using a protective filter in a nasty environment, rain, spray, blowing dust and sand or at a beach but I usually just use a shade.   I rarely take out my camera in such circumstances.  I tend to keep my photographic stuff and not resell it.

Camera now evolve faster than the environment can erode the surfaces of my lenses.

For the most part I don't keep a filer o nmy lenses but I only buy cameras and lenses with a filter ring and usually one size so I can use the  ring for close up lenses and shades.

Buying a clear filter with the lens is usually a waste of money, small but better spent on a polarizer,a shade.or a close up (color corrected).

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