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Re: other theoretical advantages

David314 wrote:

jcvjcvjcvjcv wrote:

Isn't the whole point about mirror-less the weight and size decrease while maintaining the less changeability?

But once you do use that, and have multiple lenses; the weight difference over the entire kit isn't that much for a decent pentaprism and mirror...

without a mirror you get, no mirror shake

Ask a Sony A7r user about shutter shock, on any Olympus user. The problems with vibration have been far worse with mirrorless cameras, particularly shooting continuous mode, than the DSLRs I have used.

you get a viewfinder decoupled from the sensor size or sensor crop -

different magnifications

on sensor focus so no mis alignment issues

I don't believe that a relatively small number of on sensor pixels used for AF can ever equal a dedicated AF module.

Does anyone actually have cross type on-sensor PDAF or are they all still line type and in the same orientation? (like Olympus, Fuji and I guess everyone else)

in theory, since the focus sensors are not interrupted by the mirror, you could better autofocus

and no mirror blackout

Have you actually shot continuous with a mirrorless? I have an X-T1 and the interruption to the EVF from continuous shooting is far worse than the mirror blackout on DSLRs - to the point that it is next to impossible to follow anything that isn't moving in a perfectly predictable way.

You completely ignore the fact that the sensor stops providing a feed to the EVF to take an image and there is a delay after the exposure to restore the EVF feed. This is nothing to do with EVF lag.

faster fps

So? You can't see enough through the EVF to aim your camera due to the interruption mentioned earlier.

live histogram

of the JPEG, same as in liveview on a DSLR, or immediately after a shot


don't care

the possibility of focus peaking and other augmented parameters - zebras for exposure

also don't care - my precision matte screen is way better for focus. Have tried focus peaking and it isn't accurate - maybe useful for video.

exposure simulation

same as live histogram isn't this?

white balance simulation

try adjusting a polarizer using the EVF

a simpler camera mechanically -

throw in an electronic global shutter and the camera would be much simpler to manufacture

have essentially unlimited flash sync without some of the issues at high speed with two curtain shutters

probably cheaper and more reliable

am interested in better, not cheaper, and a sensor with a global shutter would give exactly the same advantages such as sync speed to a DSLR

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