Help on choosing new lenses

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Re: Help on choosing new lenses

The 75mm is the sharpest Oly lens to date, but I can't see where I'd use it.  My 45 takes me about 12 steps away from the action (what I like to call "safely across the road") so I could see where the 75 would work but it doesn't really suit my current style.  If you like to be that far away from the action it might be good to have in the quiver.

You have the P 20 so probably not a heap of sense getting a 15-25mm prime, unless one specifically tickles your fancy.  You already have the 45 which is a cracker so no point really getting another in the same vicinity there, either.

I think the 12-40 Pro would be good to have.  I might get that next myself for when I can't be bothered changing lenses.  Might look a bit silly on an E-P5. but....ah well.  I think it would be a good lens to have as something that would always be handy, especially when you need a 'one lens' solution.

The Oly 12mm might also be worth a look if it suits your style of shooting.

The looming spectres of course are the impending 2.8 Pro 40-150mm zoom and 7-14mm wide-angle, both of which are supposed to be coming out in September.  I really want to see if my E-P5 can even vaguely shoot sports, so I'm tempted to save for the 40-150 for that as well as for trying my hand at birding.

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