Sony NEX-6/7/a6000 with Sigma Trio

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Re: Sony NEX-6/7/a6000 with Sigma Trio

I am nearly always very hesitant to go over iso 400 on my NEX 6, but as i said i mostly shoot landscapes, do post processing and uses a tripod so the only time i increase iso is if there are so little light that i exceed the NEX-series max 30s exposure. I also always bracket my shots in order to have more leeway and have the option to exposure blend in post.

My 6 is quite ok at ISO 800 for more general shots (like portratis at a christmas party) but at iso 1600 i think the quality starts to suffer too much for my taste. Some people here may say that iso 3200 is totally fine as well but those people often tend to fall in the category "JPEG shooters".

If you want longer reach with the 55-210 there are 1.7x teleextender that seems to work out. Here's a thread on the subject: Birds & Wildlife 55-210 and Sony 1.7x Extender (imgs)
A bit old but you can find more by googling.

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