Help on choosing new lenses

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Re: Help on choosing new lenses

Rjansenbr2 wrote:

One first addition should probably be the Oly 12-40 2.8. With its relativity fast aperture, I believe it can be one of my most used lens.

The 12-40mm has proved to be better to use than the f/1.8 lenses in very low light. It will AF reliably whereas the f/1.8 lenses fail mostly. Weird but it happens.

The only drawback I see is its size. Is it too big and heavy?

Would it be terribly unbalanced with an em-5, without grip (which a don't intend to buy anyway)?

I use the 12-40mm on a smaller E-PL5 and there is no balance or weight problem. In fact the extra weight makes for a more stable camera and seems to deliver less shake problems when in borderline conditions.

Looks chunky but sure is a nice to hold package.

As for needing a grip, no need as the lens weight is held by the left hand, and the right hand has the usual light grasp of the right side of the camera. It is only a problem for those who think the right way to hold a camera is by grasping the body only at both ends.

Regards...... Guy

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