Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: P-Mpix scores

D Williams wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

D Williams wrote:

philip pj wrote:

'All gear is so good today that it is borderline irrelevant what equipment you use.'

I wish this was true, we could all save a lot of money!

It is true that the smaller the web jpg in sRGB 8-bit it is somewhat the case, in the way that a near blind man sees the same as a 20:20 person with very dirty sunglasses may see a scene.

But RAWs properly handled, m43 to MFD, each step up is a step up. Only reasonable really, because that is why the stronger formats exist. What does vary widely is the personal ability to see the difference.

I think your last paragraph has some truthiness to it if your specified requirement is the best possible output at 100%.

Not sure where this idea came about that the only visible IQ improvement going from APS to FF is at 100% zoom, but I can assure you that isn't the case.

It must have come from the recesses of that part of your imagination that makes assumptions because that idea is nowhere in my post.

I put that imaginary part of what you did not say in bold above. Maybe if my imagination is strong enough and I wish really hard, you'll see it too..?

Every image, and I stress image, has a requirement. The requirement may be implicit or explicit, but we had certain expectations when we took that image. Two big parts of that requirement are visual quality and audience. The visual quality requirement is dependent on the audience - who are you going to show it to.

All very nice and existential. Also has really nothing to do with inherent IQ, which exists whether you have an audience or not (apart from quantum physics, a tree falling in a forest, or Schrodinger's Cat).

If you are the only person you ever intend to view the image you still had a quality expectation when you took the image. If you haven't answered the question of audience, the default quality becomes 'best possible output at 100%' and you would certainly choose FF over a lesser format because it is visually better than any lesser format at output at 100%. If you're audience is friends, family, and web buddies, and you're talking about the whole image, and your output is maxed at an 81/2 x 11 print or a 2K monitor, then 'All gear is so good today that it is borderline irrelevant what equipment you use.'

The logical whoops here is, an image does not have one fixed audience throughout its existence, nor one fixed purpose, even if taken with an entirely different set of motives.

If your specified requirement contains parameters like A4 or A3 or A2 or 4K the first statement becomes more truthy and a lot of us could save a lot of money.

I'm sure we could all 'save a lot of money' if all any of us ever needed or wanted were 8MP wallet sized prints or 500x600 web pics.

Your statement is certainly true, if totally hyperbolic.

Well compared to your posts, 1 out of 2 isn't bad. 

You are aware that 8MP is 81/2" x 11" with Mpixels to spare? Possibly you have very large pockets, or maybe you just misplaced a decimal.

Oh, you. Haven't heard of resampling?

I feel pretty safe in saying "a lot" of us could save "a lot" of money if all "a lot" of us ever needed or wanted was 11"x17" prints @240ppi or 4K full screen displays - with the occasional upsizing to 30" x 40" prints or (non-existent) 8K full screen displays if we really captured a winner.

That's a lot of IFs. I think we know where the buts come in.

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