Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Pepe-Lepue wrote:

My monitor is a calibrated wide gamut Asus ProArt. It's a great display (I even game on it). But if I had to do it over again, I would have gotten an IPS sRGB display. Makes working for most rendered formats more difficult. I usually end up just passing the image to a second sRGB display to make my workflow happen.

After all, I'm squeezing my RAW input into sRGB utilizing a histogram. Pointless!!! But I'll attest that seeing an aRGB on my ProArt is beautiful.

The newer monitors do have great color gamut at great prices, although I'm not sure why you would have trouble working with a wider gamut monitor.

Only because I'm targeting sRGB output inside a color managed application. All is well if I'm targeting aRGB.

I do soft-proofing. But the results from working off a sRGB comparable device is better. Perhaps a limitation of the Asus? Or my knowledge?

Dunno. I calibrate my monitor, but found it easier if more costly to make a full size test print, rather than use soft proofing, Sometimes, of course, there will be more than one test print, but at least you will know exactly how it will print.  My work flow does not ever involve CMYK conversions, as I'm just a hobbyist.

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