What happened to LeRentier?

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Re: What happened to LeRentier?


Heaven is for real wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

Heaven is for real wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Heaven is for real wrote:

Heaven is for real wrote:

Last post was 3 weeks ago. I hope he is ok.

I guess no one cares about this frog....anyway, after 12,850 posts he got banned, poor guy.

I am not sure he got banned, but he may be on vacation.

Pretty long vacation....good for him.

three weeks is not long for a European.

really? they are that lazy to work?

When I lived in Europe, I got about 7-8 weeks per year vacation.

In Germany I took that time all at once to go spend about 2 months in the south of France during the summer. It was very nice. I used to stay in Cavallaire Sur Mer....near to St Tropez.

Lazy? Not working (at a job) has absolutely nothing to do with laziness.

YOU are a very strange person indeed.


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So who does your work when you just up and leave for 2 months? Someone else takes the load? Does it just cease to get done? I can't imagine it was a job that had anything to do with clients, as you can't just vanish for two months on people. Maybe you put widgets into holes or something.

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