Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales - not where I am

PatrickP wrote:

All sorts of mirrorless cameras are slowly taking sales away from Nikon. For FX shooters, at present most of the mirrorless are employed as a secondary camera complimenting Nikon FX, would they one day be good enough to be the primary camera for all but the most hardcore pros?

Do you have any citations for the above statement (and no, "everybody knows that" doesn't count). From what I read, mirrorless camera sales in 2011, 2012, and 2013 were flat (in the US and Europe). I'm not sure that the trend will change. If mirrorless cameras were taking sales away from Nikon and Canon, that would show up on a CIPA chart. Just the opposite is happening. That's why the pundits were predicting that the mirrorless camera manufacturers are about to give up on the Western World and for companies like Olympus and Panasonic, that could be serious. Panasonic has sold off 1/2 of it's photo products division to another company. I'm hoping to see an upturn in sales this year but it doesn't look like that will happen especially in the very important fourth quarter.

I have two FX cameras (D810 and Df). I also have a V3 because I firmly believe that Nikon is using the Vx platform to test out it's ideas for mirrorless ILCs. That's more than Canon is doing but my V3 is definitely not a backup to my FX bodies. I use the V3 for snapshots and taking pictures of Aunt Minnie in the back yard.

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