Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales

The sales trends don't suggest that people are abandoning DSLR cameras in favor of mirrorless in Europe and the US. It looks like mirrorless sales are flat while DSLR sales were declining in the beginning of 2013 and seem to be on a recovering trend by the end of 2013. That tells me that the camera buying public tried mirrorless cameras (see the spike) and decided it was not for them.


Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic are doing poorly in camera sales. In fact, Panasonic has sold off 1/2 of it's photo products division to an Israeli company.


Credit Suisse's imaging analyst is predicting that one of the above three will be the sole survivor of the coming shakeout. It will probably be the company that does best in Asia as that is where mirrorless cameras are doing the best.

To me, It seems like Nikon and Canon are treading water until the shakeout has run it's course. After that I don't see a whole lot of innovation coming from any of the survivors because the money simply will not be there. The real winner here is smartphone photography. I hear increasing calls that smartphone images are "good enough" for what they plan to use them for. I believe that there will be growth in the camera systems in smartphones and that they will lead the way in innovation but not the kind that traditional photographers are used to. The integration between smartphone images and movies and social media will continue to march forward at the expense of traditional photography. There will be the hold outs of course but they will not represent the profit dollars that the big two are used to getting unless there is a rise in cost which we have seen already (how many complaints of price gouging by the Nikon on the Df have we heard).


I own an iPhone but I'm not on social media (the Russian hackers didn't get me yet) so the innovations in smartphone photography don't apply to me. I just purchased a D810 and sold my D800. The very fact I was able to get $1500 for an early model D800 indicates that there is still life in the secondary market.


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