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Re: question about filters and IQ

scorrpio wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

scorrpio wrote:

Sir Canon wrote:

yes but a shattered front element costs way more.

So you're arguing against a filter, but giving good reasons to buy one here.

I always make a concession for truly hazardous conditions. Or cases where filter is needed to properly seal a lens (i.e. 50 f/1.2L) AND environmental sealing is necessary - to protect the lens mechanism, not the front element. Btw, never used UV filters at beaches, even in a wind. No regrets. I am a realist. If I am doing demolition or felling a tree, I wear a hardhat. But I don't wear one 24/7 'just in case'. And I consider my head a wee bit more valuable than my glass. Then again, resale value is not a consideration here. If I ever need to take up close pictures of sand-blasting or spray-painting, most likely I will rig some sort of box with a glass or lexan window.

As to getting an occasional ding or scratch? A hood will prevent vast majority of those, and as to how a scratched lens performs, see this:

Forget performance, resale value goes in the toilet. Not to mention the myriad of things that can actually ruin performance.

I buy my lenses for use, not for resale. And in a case where I did sell after an upgrade, not using a filter didn't cost me at all.

I can't say the same because I've never had a lens without a filter except my Tamron SP90 which has a deeply recessed front element. But what I can attest to is the number of filters I've thrown away that were cracked, mud/sand damaged or generally scratched all to heck after many hours of use.

But what I can say is that I've never sold a lens that didn't have a perfect front element. And I do actually consider resale value with lenses when I buy them.

So I guess for the OP - we are showing two different approaches. And all he asked if it affects image quality...

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