Need replacement cap for GX1 14-42 lens

Started Aug 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Need replacement cap for GX1 14-42 lens

bohdanz wrote:

I lost my lens cap for the 14-42 kit lens that came with my GX1.

The two I ordered using Amazon's seller descriptions don't work at all.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

Here's the GX1 and the wrong Goya lens cap I received yesterday... grrrrrrr




I think the early 14-42 had 52mm threads and the later is 46mm. It should be marked on the front of the lens with the filter size beside a circle with a slash through it.

You should be able to get one anywhere.

Just look up 52mm or 46mm lens cap, but you have to know what size it is.

Your link is password protected. There's nothing there.

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