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Proof by your own taste does not prove your point

tedolf wrote:

I don't like the first two precisely because the DOF is too shallow.

Well, if we are just talking about what YOU like there is no point in further discourse. I can't argue against that.

In the first shot the leading shoulder is OOF and the trailing eyebrow and rear of rear eye socket. As I said in a previous post, this was at one time a "desired look" in advertising, but is not generally acceptable for conventional portraiture.

Despite those first two pictures being taken by current, leading portrait photographers? You have a strange ability to be adamant in your view when presented with the facts to the contrary. From what I see, shallow DOF remains a 'desired look', and will continue to do so.

The second shot is a good example of why this is problematic. The girl's eye's and mouth are the only things in focus, the back of her head is OOF. This creates the impression that her face is bigger than it really is causing a perceived distortion as if a wide angle lens was used. Again, for Madison Avenue this might be OK but if you ran a portrait studio like that you would go broke.

Now the third one I really do like (quite a lady) but I suspect that the DOF is deeper in this shot than you think it is.

No, there is no 'thinking' involved, only seeing. The fact is the DOF is still shallower than the depth of the model's head (against your argument).

I bet it was not shot wide open.

No, I expect none of them were - but they still prove the fact you don't have to adhere to a rule (or an industry standard, albeit a non-existant one) of 'all-encompassing' DOF.

Enjoy your DOF charts. I'll continue enjoying good photos, whatever their aperture settings.

Peace, out.

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