Feelings about HDR in this forum section ???

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Re: Feelings about HDR in this forum section ???

ElviraGrey wrote:

Your first photo is gorgeous but the other ones are overdone imo.

I think HDR is a great tool to have at your disposal. There are countless articles refuting HDR naysayers and my favorite one is the following:


My personal view is that photography is like any other art and that photographers aren't bound to 'realism' as long as they are able to produce aesthetically pleasing photos. Dogmatically clinging to the idea of producing realistic looking photos only to me reflects a lack of imagination and creativity. Uniform, bland photos that any tourist with a smartphone can reproduce don't inspire me. That being said, there are many more examples of horrible HDR photos than there are good ones, but saying that we should be bound by the technology of our camera/lens is no better. Somewhere in between these two extremes is a good balance but that balance varies with individuals.

Interesting read and he makes some good points. I think that when people categorically say they hate HDR, they are referring to the 'bad HDR' or 'Clown Vomit' as he puts it.

Regarding this quote: "...if you take the stance that photography is supposed to be pure, then you must define what pure is." ...well I have a pretty clear definition (for me anyway). While all photography alters reality in some way, I believe images can be enhanced and yet still stay in the neighborhood of realism (or maybe its more accurate to say 'natural looking'). HDR can fit that description, but often does not.

Again, just expressing my views, once you have left the realm of natural looking photography I classify it as photo-art. It rarely appeals to me personally, but I acknowledge that it is still art. Much the way Picaso's work is clearly appreciated as art, yet it's just not for me. And the more I think about it it is clearly subjective. I like some black and white, I don't like most fish-eye shots, I do like long exposures, etc. I guess I'm an individual..:-D

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