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Ok apology accepted. I didn't realize that this would turn into such a lengthy and detailed post.
I / we are getting paid a small fee for doing the wedding and we don't do weddings for a living or even side income. We done this girl's senior pics several years ago and she didn't (couldn't) afford a (pro) photographer so we agreed to do the wedding for a small fee. We are out of the studio business now.

not everybody can afford a professional photographer; that's totally fine.

but even as an amateur, gear rentals aren't exactly expensive. it's like $26 to rent an SB910 over at lensrentals for a day. $60 for a D700 (takes the same batteries as your D200). a 70-200 is $65. you can easily rent adequate (maybe not top of the line) equipment for the day for less than $200. even as a favor, with a "small fee" i really sincerely hope you're charging more than that.

i would strongly recommend having:

  • more than one camera per photographer. you may be able to get away with one per, serving as each other's back ups, but it's really better have both of you covered so you can do independent things (eg: wife with the bride getting ready, you with the groom)
  • at least one camera with better noise performance than your D200 and your wife's D80, because sometimes it can put you in a really bad position. i am saying this from experience. the D200 is a fantastic studio camera, but a mediocre event camera at best. sometimes you're forced into using direct flash (ceiling to high, painted black, etc) and even if you have an assistant following you with a strobe or monolight on a stick, it really does give you less control and fewer options.
  • a fast telephoto zoom, which is useful for the posed portraits and the ceremony.
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