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Try refocusing on what matters

tedolf wrote:

Good God, do you have the capacity to follow an argument?

I don't understand either (As I alluded to in my previous post). I'll try asking you again...

DOF is part of image quality.

DOF is indeed part of image quality aesthetic appeal, but in it's shallowness as much as it's depth

Did you see the OP's original picture. You can not get the full head, front to back in focus on a tight head and shoulders shot using a FF camera at ten feet with an 85mm lens at f/1.8.

No, you can't. But who on earth wrote in your rule book that it's necessary (let alone desirable) to have the full head, front to back, in focus?

The DOF is only 3 inches.

Yep - 3 inches of glorious crisp focus surrounded to the front and rear by beautiful soft bokeh? Having that option is one reason I use FF.

What about that are you incapable of understanding?

Tedolf - I frequently see you making good and valid points, and giving great advice on so many other posts. But your DOF chart obsession on this thread is doing you no favours! I recommend you stop worrying about having everything in focus and concentrate on getting the important bits in focus

Take care,


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