RX100M3 inconsistent autofocusing "bug" sucks!!!!!

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Re: RX100M3 inconsistent autofocusing "bug" sucks!!!!!

Interceptor121 wrote:

For a camera that costs $799 and remains a point and shoot having to resort to those tricks to shoot your son climbing stairs is unacceptable. Those are shots that can be taken fine with your phone and there should not be any user intelligence involved to take them. There is obviously either a serious issue with the technology that comes up in certain conditions or a huge number of users with defective cameras. Both are not acceptable when you spend this amount of money.

When you depart from your cash and buy something you try to find all sort of excuses to like what you have but if it does not work for you it just does not. You don't need a course or looking into a manual to shoot a scene of low complexity let alone manual focus

1st off, the RX100 is not just a point and shoot - it is a pro level compact that can certainly be USED as a "point and shoot", but it a much more complex beast than most P&S cameras. Anyone forking over $800 should be aware that there IS a learning curve involved.

Many, MANY "issues" with electronic gear can be traced back to user error. I'm not saying the OP doesn't have an issue with HIS particular camera (and he very well might), but to immediately blame the camera is unrealistic. And to say that a "huge number of users" are struggling with defective cameras is a bit of a stretch. If that were the case, this forum would littered with posts about these so-called issues.

FWIW, my son's girlfriend borrowed my RX100/3 for their recent trip to Bermuda. She knows less than NOTHING about cameras or photography, but she managed to come back with hundreds of perfectly exposed, sharp, gorgeous images. Just sayin'...

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