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Re: Give this a try

Thanks for your suggestions and I will try these settings.
As for all the other posts and comments I will consider them. Even the ones that suggest I get out of the business cause I lack experience and equipment.
I also understand that the information was vague and it would have been hard to base concrete advice but I was just trying to get an idea where to start.
As to the church and beautiful golden evening sunlight coming thru the windows that is not the picture. There are windows on one side only the other is completely windowless so there is strong sidelight of which some sort of artificial light must be produced to match. Which you will have mixed lighting. I can bring studio lights and blast the abient light if necessary but I was hoping for something else or a better solution.
Also this is rural WV and the building is not some magnificent cathedral in NYC.
The wedding couple are aware of the poor lighting and unsightly clutter inside the building and they are aware of my lack of equipment.
I could go on and on with explanations to some remarks but I will save everybody's time.
I'm writing this from my phone and don't have the ability to quote each post as I would like. I appreciate all the time and thought you all have put into the questions.
I will post the results here with a link to Flickr at the end of Sept. When the wedding takes place and you can comment.

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