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Re: question about filters and IQ

yes but a shattered front element costs way more.

From my point if view if an impact shatters a thick front element, then chances are a thin filter probably wouldn't reduce the impact enough to "save" the lens.
I have heard stories from people swearing that the filter saved their lens, and others swearing that the filter caused more damage to the lens.
A lot of the time you can never prove one way or another if a filter saved or damaged a lens as you can never exactly reproduce the circumstances.
It has been proven that under certain conditions, a filter will affect the IQ, the better quality filters have less of an effect.
There are certain circumstances that filters can be beneficial (beach, pollen, smoke etc) not counting special filters like circular polarisers or ND filters etc.
If you really want to protect your lens, I think you would be better served by getting insurance.

Just as an aside, a bit of a follow-on from the broken filter article (which personally I feel wasn't a particularly challenging scene)

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