Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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The color gamut of the monitors used by most of us is not even full sGRB. A moderately priced IPS monitor will produce most of the sGRB gamut. I have not looked within the last couple of years, but monitors that can reproduce most of the Adobe RGB gamut are rare and expensive. The wider the color gamut, the less punchy the colors, which is why many if not most use the sGRB gamut in most circumstances. The gamut issue is, however, to be distinguished from the issue of 8-bit vs. 16-bit files. Although Sony RAW files are only 12-bit and apparently reduced somewhat further by lossy compression, the color gradations in 8-bit files are far less than using 16-bit files, albeit the Sony's can't produce a full 16 bits. When editing in PP, using files with more color gradations gives more latitude before posterization occurs. JPEG's can only be 8-bit and are also a lossy format. There is, thus, less you can do in post with a JPEG file than with a RAW file. Decent JPEG files are immediately usaable, of course.

My monitor is a calibrated wide gamut Asus ProArt. It's a great display (I even game on it). But if I had to do it over again, I would have gotten an IPS sRGB display. Makes working for most rendered formats more difficult. I usually end up just passing the image to a second sRGB display to make my workflow happen.

After all, I'm squeezing my RAW input into sRGB utilizing a histogram. Pointless!!! But I'll attest that seeing an aRGB on my ProArt is beautiful.

The newer monitors do have great color gamut at great prices, although I'm not sure why you would have trouble working with a wider gamut monitor.

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