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Re: You know you're heading down a dangerous road

soloryb wrote:

The only way you should compare the innate sharpness of these cameras is to do all of your testing in LV, zoomed, manual, tripod, mirror up, fast enough shutter speed. Then you will know whether or not the D810 is really sharper than a D800E.

I'd agree with you, but go further. I haven't found a zoom that can get images from either camera as sharp as a good prime, and I have found that AF on either camera, while good on the D600E and very good on the D810, not consistent enough for comparisons, especially at the wide apertures you need to use to avoid diffraction masking differences. Also, what with the vibrational differences between the two cameras, you need to make your tests with short-duration electronic flash to get a fair test of the sensors' contribution to sharpness.

When I did all that, I found the two cameras' sharpness pretty much a wash.

I can get sharper images with the D810 than the D800E, especially with longer lenses, but I have to mount both on a tripod and use EFCS to tame first curtain shock.

If you're handholding, using studio flash, and/or using a zoom, save your money; the D810 won't give you materially more sharpness.


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